Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist


Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialists. Is a designation that is earned by selling luxury homes in our market and local areas of Jacksonville FL. Training and along with several quizzes and a final examination to pass to get the CLHMS. With pride and honor of achieving this specialty allows us to open new doors to be able to achieve concierge service to our customers. 

Top level of services starting with communication and asking questions. To learn about the sellers situation in their life and with their family and what is the desire to move. Getting a story from them for the reasons they bought the home they are selling and some memories to share with the new home home owners of why they will love the home just as much. 21st century marketing has taken marketing to next level. No more of the old fashioned way of doing business. Over 90% of luxury home buyers are finding their new home online. This is where technology and understanding the ways of getting the best quality and highest exposure of your home. Through professional photography, 3D videos and drone aerials to show off the location and the community this is very helpful with international buyers. 

Before you list your luxury home with just any realtor, ask the tough questions regardless of which company they are from. You can have a large well known brokerage firm and is known to do a lot of sales etc. does not mean the realtor is equipped to do the job. Experience, knowledge and having master salesman skills to be able to negotiate and get the highest price for your luxury home.

Among the questions should be what do you do to prepare or better yourself to be a great salesman? 

How many books do you read a month? (not just any book, MUST be about sales or training on marketing etc.).

Do you have a real estate coach? (all professional sports teams, golfers etc all have coaches to push them and to better themselves). Practice to be the best!

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